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writer for visual stories
timeline goes sideways
Game writing

Examples of my work from various test tasks.
B: Empty-handed today. No tea either? Pity, I can see those fine semlas in the buffet, I am pretty tired of pies.

A: Professor, I had to give my last money to print out a dissertation chapter... Would you please still look at it?

B: Alas, I'm bound. We had an agreement, and you did not fulfil your part.

A: Perhaps I could borrow some money from you until our next meeting?

B: My dear gentleman, what we have here is credibility, and you cannot go negative with it. It is either there, or simply no more.
B: Find me, when you are fully ready to devote yourself to your mission.
A warm summer night. Leafy surroundings are lit by candles and torches.
POTSY, a 20-something male, sits by a toilet table and applies makeup.
His eyeliner breaks in the middle of the line.
He burns a straw over the candle on the table, blows the flame and uses the charred part instead.
But he accidentally burns his right eyelid as the straw was still too hot.
Therefore, his eyesight is partially damaged: it's all blurry from the right side.
O.S. music starts playing, zoom to his face reflected in the mirror and into the dark of his left pupil.

Flash title:
(* -points of possible quest endings)
An OUTCAST ELDER. Originally from Potsy's village. Casted out for abiding the rules. Has lost faith.

–*Learn the outcast's background
+Tell about the trial
––Receive invitation to his abode
–––See mementos there, one of the SS will recognise one of them
+++Learn the deeper story
+++One of the SS offers amends, the outcast refuses and gives forgiveness instead, that soul finds rest
––––*Receive the necklace for good luck
–––*Be warned that not all trials are worth going through
More dialogues
Yes, more about food
A: Can I have one?

B: Um. No?

A: Come on. Just one. Don't you think I'm kind of entitled to one cinnamon roll?

B: Just because you've made them? I don't think so.

A: You're being a dick. I'm starving.

B: Excuse me, you're stalling the line, could you step away?

A: Bernard! I. Demand. A cinnamon. Roll. NOW.

B: Louise? Step. Away. You're stalling the line. If there will be some left, you'll get 'em. Although, must say, you're a damn good baker, I doubt even one roll will wait for ya.

A: Would be nice if you paid me for them – with food, with money, I don't care at this point.

B: You're in debt to me, not otherwise. Now shoo.

Shiny exposition bits
The only thing you're starved for is mother's arms and song to put you finally to rest.

You follow your heart only to have it broken, and now in endless search for ways to fill the emptiness inside.

Between my dearest and my honour, I chose to annihilate them both.
Documents such as letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, etc.
Dear graduate,

authorised Deputy Deputy Dean informed me of your ever worsening health problems, as well as your unfulfilled duties:
– planned dissertation chapter on the subject of adaptation of your choice;
– three articles for two scientific anthologies;
– report of your progress during my absence.

Moreover, a rumour from the chair came to my hearing about bribing Professor N. from your side in order to improve your grades.

I am infinitely disappointed in your inability to make a decision between your health and your status. I regret to inform you that I have to make this decision for you, namely to end your academic career to keep our university from disgrace.

Under authorised Deputy Deputy Dean's supervision, by order of next Friday you will be dismissed from the university.

I wish you to sort your life out.

With honour,
Deputy Dean Prof. M.
"Either it's a hallucination, or there is a talking bird, what else to say"
"The night knows its time"
"No one listens"
"Don't fight the enemy, the enemy will fight you"
"Fear the day the Lord may cometh"
"Was it all worth it?"
"Wanna trade?"
"Do you know your purpose?"
"One has lost their respect, one's going to pay"
"Our saviours mercifully let us live in this cage"
"The days will turn upside down"
"The stream will not wash the blood from their hands"
"Did you say something?"
"Move no further"
"Did you hear that? Not long now""The feast is going to end eventually"
"One voice lost among many, silence eaten by chatter"
"I see my life… flash before my eyes"
"Let our rage not overflow, or it will take us with it"
"Do you have the heart to resist?"
"We will arm them to the teeth – they will go back at us"
"If I have the heart, so do you"
"This bread is like a stone"
"Are you sure you want to reset?"
"What are you looking for?"
"Are you lost?"
"To build a new world, one destroys the old"
"There is no right path"
"It's a trap. I think"
A bird on a tree in the woods. It has very vague existential but poetic thoughts. A passing-through screen. (various)
Text-based games
(a game prototype developed in the process of Game Writing in English course)
(the one that was actually finished)
Emily's friend struggles with depression. While she is scared to admit she has the same problem, she wants to lift his spirits up.
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What else?
There is always more. Here are some of my projects.
Drea, visual story and concept
Sample of the concept:
"It's not black and white, it's like colour TV."
A subtle visual story filled with symbolism.
Aesthetics are of gentle flowers and of strong sturdy stems with spikes. Of held breath yet of fresh cold morning air. It's about the rich dark and the thin light. I want every dark bit to feel like deep music in the night and every light bit like early morning air. Overwhelm.
The whole storyline can be compared to espresso: waiting a minute, stirring to break and mix the layers, taking a first sip that hits you, then breaking down the flavours as you go, and then flowing in the aftertaste.
ZERO, web-series concept and screenplay
Sample of the screeplay:
A CUSTOMER enters the café and orders RADA two coffees to go. ZOEY is helplessly observing.

(turning to LISA)
(clears her throat)
If you think that only you have these problems – no, everyone has them. I am also underpaid, and I also get tired, and I am also sleep-deprived. The world is unfair and it doesn't revolve around you. Accept it and quit whining.
(as if into the air)
Ugh, I am so sick of everyone's constantly complaining.
(returns into her phone)

LISA guiltily lowers her eyes and starts eating her piece of cake.
The Dry Leaf, graphic short story concept and script
Sample of the script:
Above the phone there's a small bookshelf (with address books, notebooks etc). The boy has put a chair below the phone and is climbing it as well as reaching for his mom's small dark notebook with black cover and red back. The door has been closed – SLAM.

The boy is in full height standing on the chair: the phone in his right hand put to his right ear and the notebook opened in his left hand.

On the black background, A MAN IN A DARK OFFICE SUIT holding the phone in his left hand, his face is blurred.

The boy has a mild smiley hopeful face on, hanging the phone on the wall – CLICK.
Interested in cooperation?
I am always on the look out for interesting projects,
and if you are looking for a writer,
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