Mascara: the best masks and tips for a powerful look

It all started there in the 19th century, when French perfumer Eugene Rimmel idealized what would be one of the most requested cosmetics among women:

mascara. Created to highlight the lashes, the product is indispensable for those who want to guarantee a powerful look and a complete make-up. For further details, go here: bat poop mascara

With the evolution of the beauty market, mascara is no longer just a “black ink” to originate a range of products that meet the requirements of customers. Curvature, elongation, volume and definition are some of the most important items to be evaluated when purchasing a mask. Below, you will find the best options available for purchase!

Full Exposure & Big Volume L4 Ruby Rose: the cheapest

The darling brand of the moment also excelled in the line of mascara. The Ruby Rose L4 mask is pleasing for the efficient applicator and for allowing to create “layers” with the product without the lashes appearing charged.

The Colossal Volum 'Express Washable Maybelline: volumizing effect

Among Maybelline's varied line of mascara, The Colossal Volum 'Express is successful in giving volume, elongation, definition and curvature to the lashes. Its formula does not contain soap, dyes or alcohol and is ideal for those who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses.

4D Tango: 2 in 1

With a very competitive price, the Tango 4D mask promises a 4D effect that stretches and adds volume. It has two applicators (one at each end) and is also waterproof.

Mark Big & Style: striking look

The Avon mask is the perfect combo for those who value quality and low price. The product is made based on a formula that does not stick and, therefore, can be reapplied several times a day.

Explosion Effect Make B .: maximum elongation

Defined and intensely black lashes is what the Make B line mascara promises. The product has a formula enriched with special particles that guarantee 12x more volume, 13x more elongation and 8x more curvature.

Lash Intensity Mary Kay: efficient applicator

Those who have short and not too curved lashes can bet on the Lash Intensity mask. The great advantage of this mascara is the applicator that has bristles specially developed to give an elongated and more voluminous effect.

How to apply mascara like a pro

With a few simple tips, you can make the most of the effect of mascara and conquer even longer and fuller lashes. Know how:

· Start with the lower lashes: applying mascara first on the lower lashes avoids smudging the makeup. Another tip is to always look ahead when applying the mask;

· Enjoy the product: repeatedly placing and removing the applicator in the mascara tube will only make the product dry faster. The ideal is to rotate the brush before taking them to the lashes;

· Correct use of the eyelash curler: the eyelash curler must be used before applying the mascara. Thus, the curvature is more beautiful and natural, without the formation of lumps;

· Get the amount of mascara right: if you have separate eyes, it is worth applying a larger amount of mascara in the inner corner of your eyes. Otherwise, just apply in the

· outer corner . This trick has an approximation or distance effect, and can be used to disguise some details on your face that might bother you;

· Have the swab as your ally: did you apply mascara and end up smearing your eyelid? Just take a cotton swab, moisten it in water or liquid make-up remover and then wipe it over the area where the product is smeared;

· Pay attention to the expiration date: like all cosmetics, mascara does not last forever. It is important to be aware of its validity, which usually lasts a maximum of six months. After that, the product has a thick, dry consistency.

After these tips, it became easier to apply mascara on the lashes, right? Now, as the saying goes: practice makes perfect!

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